Kidz Town Playgroup


Kidz Town Playgroup

Kidz Town is starting a playgroup. Yes, you read that right! At Kidz Town I’ve heard numerous moms and dads tell me that they’re so glad there is a place for their child to go and interact with other children their age in a safe environment, and that got me thinking; why not start a Playgroup so more parents can do the same!?! If you need another reason to join our Playgroup I found an article with eight GREAT reasons:

  1. It gets you out of the house.  Plain and simple…getting out of the house breaks up a long day for Mommy and baby
  2. You make new friends.  There are a whole tons of women out there just like you!  Being in college and having kids are two of the best ways to get to know other people.
  3. You find things you didn’t know existed.  Mom’s know LOTS of stuff, especially the moms that have been around for a bit.  You learn where all the cool hang outs are.  And by cool hang outs I mean the best places to take kids!
  4. There is an encyclopedia of kiddo knowledge laid out before you.  You automatically have someone to help you solve the leaky diaper problem, the napping issue, and any other kid dilemma you can think of!
  5. Your child becomes socialized.  Being an only child with a stay at home mom left baby boy with not too much baby on baby interaction.  Enter weekly play dates!
  6. Potential babysitting swap dates.  Who knows you might get to know a family well enough to be able to swap babysitting duty for that much needed time away!
  7. You get all kinds of kiddo related ideas.  When I was a teacher I could glean SO much from just wandering around in another teacher’s classroom.  Being in other mom’s homes gives you tons of ideas on toy organization, food ideas, etc. etc. etc.!
  8. You’re a better mom!  Yes, when mommy is happy and socialized, the house runs better and play time at home is much more fun and healthy for everyone involved.

Admission will be charged as normal; Non walking children and infants to age one are free, walking children and ages 1-3 years old will be $5 and ages 4-14 are $9 for one child and $7 for siblings age 4 or older. Check out our memberships and Frequent Play Pass info for some awesome deals!

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