Special events pricing includes admission for each paid child, therefore punch cards will NOT be punched nor will they be accepted for free admission

If you have a child that will not be participating in the event, example: the Cocoa and Canvas, then admission of $5 will need to be paid for that child(ren) each.

Drumming with Ms. Taku!

  • Thursday, September 21st 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Bring your little ones, any age is perfect, and drum, dance, sing and play with your new friends while Ms. Taku drums for the kids. Kids are welcome to drum along in the fun. Cost is regular admission so stop out!



  • Saturday, September 23rd @ 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
***NEW TO OUR EVENTS--We require a minimum sign up of 5 participants to go forward with any events. If we do not have five or more participants we will reschedule the event with adequate notice. Thank you for understanding. There are 20 spots available at each session so call and reserve your spots TODAY!  Bring your children, any age is perfect for this event. You will have the option of choosing a pre-drawn canvas for your little one to paint, a canvas with painter's tape so your little one can slather it with paint, pull off the tape and VOILA! Masterpiece! Or you can choose a plain canvas for you or your child to express their inner artist! Hot chocolate will be provided at no cost and there will be snacks and other drinks available for purchase. Cost is $10/artist (if you want to paint a canvas you pay the $10, adults are welcome to paint too!) Super fun night for the whole family to get involved! Paint and canvas will be provided by Kidz Town. Please specify upon RSVP if you would like a pre-drawn canvas, painter's taped or a blank. If you would like a specialty canvas, example a specific drawn canvas (Pokemon, certain super hero) or a taped canvas with a word or initials it will now be an additional fee of $3.  You can RSVP online, stop in to Kidz Town or call 920-434-1234! **In order to hold your spot you must pay the $10 before the date for your canvas. You can put your name down without paying but your spot will not be saved if we fill up. We apologize for any problems this may cause. 20160220_114251  

Reserve Event

Coming soon...Mischief & Magic Carnival!

Hosted by Kidz Town's previous owners Jake and Keegan!!

Magic Workshop!

Magic Workshop! Coming Soon

Does your child ever ask you to "pick a card" only to have forgotten what they were supposed to be getting at? Well not anymore; Mischief Maker Jake (formerly Kidz Town Jake) will be at Kidz Town once again doing his table magic AND teaching your children to do their own tricks!! All tricks are suitable for ages 4 and up, with some tricks a bit more complex for the older kids or "kids at heart". Jake will be here from 6-6:30 doing demonstrations of his tricks (which are available for purchase for very reasonable prices) that your child can take home to impress grandpa, then at 6:30 Jake will do an actual magic show for everyone! Jake will be available before and after the magic show for questions, demonstrations and purchases. Cost will be $10/child (adults always free) which includes your admission into Kidz Town and a thrilling magic show! If you've never seen Jake's magic show, you won't be disappointed!!!!


Play * Grow * Learn