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Welcome to our Events Page! We try to keep it as up to date as we can, so if you are looking for an event but don’t see it, send us an email and we will get you the information as soon as possible! Hope to see you at an event!

Special events pricing includes admission for each paid child, therefore punch cards will NOT be punched nor will they be accepted for free admission. If you have a child that will not be participating in the event, example-Cocoa and Canvas, then admission will need to be paid for each child.




Sign up here for the upcoming Cocoa & Canvas events! Make sure you fill out all of the fields completely to ensure proper booking. If you have questions on filling it out, please call Kidz Town at (920) 434-1234 Make sure to select what type of canvas you’d like per person; We suggest for the very young painters ages 1-3-ish you choose the painters tape, and for the rest, if they like coloring pages I’d select a pre-drawn canvas and to let your imagination or artistic skills run wild go for a blank canvas. Pictures of past canvases are on our Facebook page

Some suggestions to prepare for your Cocoa & Canvas experience:

If you want a personalized painters tape canvas or special request for a pre-drawn canvas we now charge $3 for special orders. (Example, if you want your child’s initials taped on the canvas) PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU STATE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE IF YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION!!!

***A minimum of 5 participants must be signed up in order for class to commence. If we do not reach 5 we will notify you and either refund your money or reschedule and transfer your money. Refunds will not be given in any other circumstance. Thank you!

 You can RSVP online, stop in to Kidz Town or call 920-434-1234!

In order to hold your spot you must pay the $12 before the date for your canvas. You can put your name down without paying but your spot will not be saved if we fill up. We apologize for any problems this may cause.


Reserve Event

Perfect for ages 5 years to about 11 or 12 years old, Kidz Town is going to have our Nerf Wars Night! Kidz Town will supply all the safety gear, Nerf darts and quite a few Nerf guns, but if you bring a gun of your own then you will get $1 off of your ticket price! Tickets need to be pre-ordered as we are limiting it to 30 kids per event so it isn’t overcrowded. 
We will set up Kidz Town with barricades and hiding spaces for the kids to have a super fun time, and we will also have slices of pizza for purchase along with our normal snacks and drinks!
What is the best part of this night you may ask? You can drop the kids off and get some errands run or a date night with the spouse! That’s right, if you don’t want to stay with your child you can drop them off and we will take care of them…only until 9 pm though! 🙂 If you choose to stay and play, that is just fine too!
Cost for this event will be $12 per child and will include admission, use of Nerf darts and guns, and child care. And remember, if your child brings their own Nerf gun you get $1 off of their admission! Feel free to email, message or call us with any questions or concerns!
~Price: $12 per child for 2-3 hours of play, including child care
~Time: Varies by date. Be sure to check the date and time. You can drop your child off or stay with them
~30 spots available per event, you must pre-order tickets to ensure a spot here or by calling 434-1234
~We will have pizza slices available for purchase along with our regular snack bar options.

Lego Event!

We will cover a bunch of different things in this Lego event; independent building, teamwork, games…the sky’s the limit! More details to come! 
This lego event will be very similar to our last, with the kids and parents building a marble maze with legos, playing a homemade Lego board game (It was very fun!!) playing “Guess the creation” and much more! Cost will be $10 per child, regardless of age, and will include admission to play and Kidz Town’s Special “Cocoa-riffic” Hot Chocolate–FREE!! You can reserve your spot online so no one misses out on the fun!

~Date: Thursday, March 29th
~Time: 6p – 8p
~Cost: $10 per child; includes admission to play and free Cocoa-riffic Hot Chocolate
~Ages: Any age that can play with small legos without putting them into their mouths 🙂 I’d say the ideal age would be between 4 years old and 10 or 11 years old. As long as they have an imagination they are welcome to come

Let’s get Awesome!


Build Your Own Fairy or Gnome Garden

Wednesday, March 21st  6p-8p

Kidz Town is hosting a Build Your Own Fairy or Gnome Garden! Boys & girls, moms & dads are welcome to this event! Space is limited to 12 building groups (adult/child combo), so pre-register today to secure your spot!

Kidz Town will supply the items needed to make a small fairy/gnome garden, or you can bring your own things to throw in there! Cost will be $35/garden, which will include everything you need to make an amazing fairy or gnome garden, including one fairy or gnome to put in there, plus admission to play before/after. Siblings not building are welcome to come and will be $4 to play.

~Date: Wednesday, March 21st 2018

~Time: 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

~Age: Adults and children 6 years old and older (There is not an age “restriction” but younger kids may not be as into it as the older ones)

~Cost: $35/Adult and child(ren) You can have up to two children per one adult covered in the $35 fee, which covers all materials and admission for the children to play. Other children are welcome to come play while you build, and their admission will be $4 for the 2 hours, regardless of age.

Get Gardening